11th Principles of Commerce MCQS Chapter 16

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11th Principles of Commerce MCQS
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Due to advertisement
Number of customer reduces
Number of customer increases
Number of customer remains the same
The old customers leave

Due to advertisement, quality products are avail able at
High price
None of the above
Reasonable price
Low price

The producer puts the burden of advertisement expense on
Wholesaler and retailer
Both a and b

The advertisement
Is wastage of money
Increases money
Saves money
Decreases money

For the poor, advertisement is
Reason of happiness
Wastage of time
Cause of financial tention and despair

The important source of sending a voice message is
None of these
Video cassette

One to advertisement, the sale of goods
Both a and b are possible
Remains same

A salesman remains successful in his perfession if he
Has intension to earn profit
Tells lie more
Does not have intension to earn profit
Has devotion of work

Due to advertisement, the unemployment
Ends or disappears
Remains un-effected

The characteristics of a good salesman
Tells lie with customer about the qualities product
Introduces goods in very good manners
Sells goods on very high prices
Sells goods on very low prices

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