11th Principles of Commerce MCQS Chapter 12

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11th Principles of Commerce MCQS
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The bill of lading reveals the
Price of goods
None of the above
Legal ownership of goods
Government ownership of goods

What does happen after the exchange of goods
Scarcity of goods
Development of cordial relations between the countries
More chances of fight or war
Economic crises arise

What is prepared after sending the goods
All of these
Bill of lading
Receipt of mate

Because of international trade, the less developed countries make progress
None of the above

The document issued by an authorized officer after counting and checking the loaded goods on ship
Bill of lading
Shipping order
Receipt order
Marine insurance

Because of foreign trade, the demand for national/ home products
Both a and b
Remains normal

Who does write the delivery order
Importer’s bank
Govt. agent
Owner of goods at port

What is written on the bill of entry of goods
Quantity and price
None of the above
Value of insurance
Quality and type

The exporter gets the certificate of origin from
Importing bank
Custom officials
Exporting bank
Chamber of commerce

Due to foreign trade, the less developed countries
None of these
Do not live along
Becomes international slaves
Do not progress

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