11th Principles of Commerce MCQS Chapter 1

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11th Principles of Commerce MCQS
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If any person gets income on the basis of knowledge and skill then it is
Economic activity

Which factor plays an important role in improving the standard of living of the people and economic development
All the above

The basic objective of business is
Earning foreign exchange for the govt
Earning profit
Service to the society

In order to determine the size of a business we consider
The availability of the capital
All the above
The demand of the goods
The capacity of production

Human activities consist of following activities
Commanded and un-commanded
None of the above

What does a business organization mean
All the above
Joint stock company
Sole tradership

For the sale of goods, a businessman depends upon
The employees
The relatives
None of these
The demand of customers

Economic activities mean
Business and profession
Business, profession end employment
None of the above

Economic activity which gives
Both a and b
Fixed income
None of these
Predetermined income

A person involved in different economic activities for the purpose of earning profit is called
Business man

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