10th General Science MCQS Chapter 1

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10th General Science MCQS
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The energy of moving charges is called:
Heat energy
Light energy
Electrical energy
Chemical energy

Natural gas is measured in:
B and C both
square meter
cubic meters

The part of atmosphere where all living bodies reside is:
8 to 30 kilometers
8 to 20 kilometers
8 to 40 kilometers
2 to 10 kilometers

The production of electricity from tides of water is called:
Tidal power
Nuclear power
Wind power
Thermal power

The conversion of the kinetic energy of running water to electrical energy is called
Nuclear power
Hydroelectric power
Thermal power
power production

The practically unit of electricity is;
kilowatt hour

Sunlight is directly transformed to electricity with the help of:
Solar cells

Breaking of the heavy nucleus of an atom is called:
Nuclear fusion
Nuclear fission

The solar energy falling on the atmosphere of Earth is almost:
1.2 Kilowatt per square meter
1.6 kilowatt per square meter
1.8 kilowatt per square meter
1.4 kilowatt per square meter

Organic material and their residues are called:
Nuclear waste

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