10th Class Physics MCQS Chapter 7

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10th Class Physics MCQS
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The quantities, whose values remain constant or vary continuously are called.
Minimum quantities.
Digital quantities
Analogue quantities
Maximum quantities

The product of charge ‘q’ and potential difference is equal to:

Value of ‘k’ depends upon:
System of unit
Nature of medium
None of these
Both a and b

If the field is stronger than lines of force are to each other:
No effect
Far away

1 volt is equal to:
JC 3
JC 2

In 1950, physicists observed that in cathode ray tube a special type of rays produced from cathode, these rays were called:
X rays
Cathode rays
Alpha rays
Gamma rays

Which instrument is used to measure current, resistance and potential difference:
Digital meter

1 Nano farad is equal to:
1X10 6F
1X10 12F

The output of an AND gate is only 1, when:
Anyone of the two inputs is zero
Both of its inputs are zero
Both of its inputs are 1
Anyone of the two inputs is 1

The electrostatic force acting on two charges each of 1C separated by 1m is about:
9X109 N
9X108 N
9X10 9 N
9X10 8 N

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