10th Class Physics MCQS Chapter 1

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10th Class Physics MCQS

Which of the following is an example of simple harmonic motion ?
Motion of the simple pendulum
The spining of the Earth on its axis
A bouncing ball on a floor
The motion of ceiling fan

A large ripple tank with a vibrator working at a frequency of 30 Hz produces 25 complete wae in distance of 50 cm. The velocity of the wave is:
60 cms-1
750 cms 1
54 cms 1
1500 cms 1

Which of the following is a method of energy transfer:
All of these
Wave motion

The maximum displacement from mean position is called:
Maximum height
Time period

The vacuum all electromagnetic wave have the same

Wave equation is defined as:
f = T?
f = V ?
V = 2f?
V = f?

The time period of mass attached with a spring can be calculated by:
T =2??g/L
T = 2??m/k
T = 2??L/g
T = 1/T

The waves in which particle of the medium vibrate parallel to the direction of waves are called
Electromagnetic waves
both b and c
Longitudinal waves
Transverse waves

At mean position of pendulum, the potential energy of the pendulum is:
Both a and c
Much more

waves whose speed is equal to speed of light are:
X rays
shock waves
electromagnetic waves
sound rays

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