10th Computer Science MCQS Chapter 7

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10th Computer Science MCQS

Clicking on the print icon_______ prints the document.
None of these
Both a and b

_______ enables you to insert entries item such as dates and auto text entries.
All of these
Auto text
Auto correct
Auto complete

A 4 page has a page size.
8.5 by 11 inches
8.5 by 14 inches
8 by 11 inches
8.27 by 10.5 inches

Press Ctrl + 2 keys for ________ spacing.
One and a half

A green wary line indicate _______ in a word document.
Spelling mistake
Both a and b
Grammatical error
None of these

To select the entire document, press ____________.
Ctrl + Shift + F3
Ctrl + S
Alt + F4
Ctrl + A

___________ is used for finding a good synonym for a word.
Auto text
Find & Replace
None of these

________ view is used to show the document, as it will look like when it is printed.
Print layout
Out line
Web layout

The mouse pointer becomes a 1 = shaped object in word and is called.
I- Beam
End mark
I – Pointer
Insertion point

The keyboard shortcut to save a document is MS word is:
Ctrl + FA
Ctrl + S
Ctrl + a
Ctrl + N

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