BISE Kohat Board SSC Exam Schedule 2020

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It is hereby notified for the general information of all concerned that the Secondary School Certificate (Annual) Examination, 2020 of BISE,
Kohat, will commence w.e.f. Friday, 13th March, 2020. Computerized admission forms will beav ailableinall the Camp Offices of BISE, Kohat.
Admission Fee may be depositedin the nearest branches of National Bank of Pakistan with in the jurisdiction of BISE, Kohat. Original fee receipt(s)
should be attached with admission form(s).
Schedule for receipt of Admission Forms and fee (Both) in the Board office is as under:-
Kohat-board-ssc-exam-schedule-2020-page 1
Kohat-board-ssc-exam-schedule-2020-page 2

Kohat Board SSC Exam Schedule 2020

1. No admission form under any circumstances will be accepted after 12-02-2020. More over, In complete admission form will not be entertained.
2. Admission forms of Male/ Female Candidates will be accepted with 2 copies of Passport size latest Photo graphs (with white back ground and pasted with glue) duly attested by the Principal/ Headmaster / Headmistress of the School last attended only. No other attestation will be accepted.
The photos must be pasted not stapled on front side instead of back side. (Please it must be noted).
3. 9th fresh private candidates must attach original School Leaving Certificate, countersigned by DEO/ AEO(E&SE), OR Birth Certificate, dulysigned by the Secretary of concerned Union Council within due date with their admission form(s).
4. All the candidates must fill up the Admission Form with correct Subject Codes.
5. All the heads of the concerned institutions are requested to deposit Rs.3,000/-(Rs.1500/-each 9th & 10th class)as gazette fee and send original fee receipt along with admission forms. Admission forms without gazette fee will not be entertained.
6. All private candidates must attach Domicile Certificate/ Father’s CNIC OR Form “B” with Admission Forms.
7. Private candidate sseeking admissionin 10th Class of other Board(s)must provide original migration certificate and verified DMC of 9th class ,Annual/Supply Examination, 2019.
i. A candidate migrated from other board seeking regular admission must be enrolled in BISE, Kohat before
submission of the admission form otherwise the admission form(s) will not be entertained.
ii.A candidate migrated from other Board for Part-II (10th class or 2nd year) will have to appear in Part-I (9th Class or 1st year) practical exam if he has not taken Practical Exam in that Board.
iii. A candidate, passed with grace marks or in aggregate, appearing for improvement will have to appear in that paper for improvement passed with grace marks or in aggregate otherwise his improvement will not be considered.
No. 2258 /SSC/A/2020/Exam/BISEK Dated: 10/12/2019
Controller of Examinations,
Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Kohat
(Phone Number: 0922-554621)
اطلاع عام
وہ تمام طلبہ وطالبات جو میٹرک سال دوئم کے امتحانات کی تیاری کو زیادہ موثر اور بہتر انداز میں کرنے کے خواشمند ہیں۔
وہ حصہ معروضی کی تیاری ایف جی اسٹڈی کوئز پر مفت میں باآسانی کرسکتے ہیں۔
ایف جی اسٹڈی کوئز پر ماڈل پییرز، سابقہ پرچہ جات کے معروضی سوالات کو کوئز کی شکل میں تیار کررکھا ہے ۔
اس کے علاوہ ہر یونٹ/ باب کے معروضی سوالات پر مشتمل کوئز بھی دستیاب ہیں۔مندرجہ ذیل لنک پر یہ دونوں طرز کے کوئز مفت میں بھی دستیاب ہیں۔

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