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1. Brief Description:
2. Aims and Objectives:
3. Contents:
™ French Revolution of 1789, causes, role of the intellectuals and effects.
™ Aftermath of the Revolution: Work of the National Assembly Critical estimate,Bloodshed and Reign of Terror, National Convention Directory and theThermidorians Important Leaders of the Revolution.
™ Napoleon Bonaparte I, Background, Reforms Continental System, Conquests and failure
™ Congress of Vienna (1815) Holy Alliance, Concert of Europe, work and failure,
™ Bourbon Restoration,
™ Revolution of 1880 and its effects in Europe, Metternich
™ Louis Philippe, Internal and External Policies,
™ Revolution of 1848 and its effects in Europe
™ Eastern Question: Greek War of Independence, Crimean War, Alexander II of Russia
™ Napoleon II
™ Unification of Italy, role of Cavour, Mazzini and Garibaldi
™ Unification of Germany: Bismarck (1871-1890)
™ Third French Republic
™ Partition of Africa
™ Towards World War I: Diplomatic conditions (1890-1914), Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente, Causes of World War I
™ Russian Revolution (1917),
™ Peace Settlement (1919).
4. Basic Readings:
5. Additional Readings:
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