English Past Papers 1st Year Karachi Board 2017

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Board of Intermediate Education, Karachi Past Paper HSC Part 1 Annual Examination 2017
Paper ENGLISH Time: 2 Hours 40 Minutes Marks: 80
NOTE: Answer any 10 questions from this section.
SUB-SECTION I (Intermediate English book-I)

Questions # 2.
(i) Describe the disaster of the Birkenhead.
(ii) How did people receive their Quaid in Karachi on 7th August, 1947.
(iii) What is meant by the universality of science and mathematics?
(iv) What is the function of FAO?

SUB-SECTION II (Selection from English Verse: PART-I)
(v) How does Wordsworth appreciate the beauty of London in his Sonnet Composed Upon Westminster Bridge?
(vi) How is an unpatriotic man punished according to Walter Scott?
(vii) How was the Abbot benefitted by his shepherd's bold answers?
(viii) How did Lucy Gray meet with a tragedy?
OR What is the theme of the poem I had reached Your doorsteps?

SUB-SECTION III (Two One Act Plays).
(ix) Why did Albert decide to take revenge from his father's enemy?
(x) What was the truth that Mrs. Meldon discovered about Eddie's death?
(xi) What are two dominating qualities of Albert?
(xii) Why does Mrs. Meldon fight against war?
OR What was Corrie's invention? Why did he think it to be the most humanitarian?

(xiii) Correct the errors I omissions of verbs, prepositions and articles:
(a) Birkenhead was a troopship.
(b) We are now learning English.
(c) Children depend for their parents.
(d) Nothing grows in a desert.
(e) Sometime it is difficult to live a honest life.

(xiv) Use each word in sentences separately from any Three of the following pairs to distinguish the meaning:
(a) week : weak, (b) tale : tell,
(c) principal.: principle (d) heard : herd,
(e) wait : weight (f) storey : story
(xv) Write the meanings of any Five of the following words or phrases:
on account of; sight; bring about; terrible; au revoir; all in all; ambiguous; ups and downs; got away.

NOTE: Answer all questions from this section. (30)
Questions # 3.
Write a letter to the editor of an newspaper about load shedding in your city.
OR Write a story on any One of the following:
(i) Unity is Strength
(ii) As you sow, so shall you reap.

Questions # 4.
Write a paragraph of about 120 to 150 words on any One of the following topics:
(i) Knowledge is power
(ii) Blessings of Science
(iii) Problems of Karachi

Questions # 5.
Translate any Five of the following into English:
1- شام سے بارش ہورہی ہے
2- ہر چمکتی چیز سونا نہیں ہوتی
3- تمباکو نوشی صحت کے لئے مضر ہے
4- گرمیوں کی تعطیلات شروع ہونے سے پہلے کام ختم ہوچکا تھا
5- جہاں چاہ، وہاں راہ
6- کیا اس نے تمہاری رائے سے اتفاق کیا ؟
7- بدعنوانی ہمارے معاشرے کا لازمی جز بن چکی ہے
Section -B Short Answers
Note: Answer any TEN of the following questions. Each question carries 05 marks.

Q.2: How do Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr?
Q.3: What is meant by Humanities?
Q.4: What is the purpose of the Two Minutes' Silence?
Q.5: What is th role of General Assembly in the UNO?
Q.6: Who was Chaucer and what is his Important work?
Q.7: Why was the use of airships for passenger transport abandoned?
Q.8: Why did Mrs, Meldon kill her borther?
Q.9: Write down a short character Sketch of Albert?
Q.10: What were the views of Professor Henry John Carrie about woman?
Q.11: What were the three questions King John asked the Abbot of Canterbury?
Q.12: Write down the summary of the poem, The Character of A Happy life?
Q.13 What is a Sannet ? How many parts does a Sonnet have?
Q.14: Who was the last Viceroy of India?
Q.15: When and where did the Birkenhead sink?

Section-c Descriptive answers
Note: Answer any THREE of the following questions. Each question carries 10 marks.
Q.16: Explain the following lines With reference tot he context:
The wept ____and, turning homward, cried " In heaven we all shall meet ! "
___ when in the snow the mother spied The print of Lucy's feet.
Q.17: Write the character sektch of the Count of Monte Cristo OR Beauchamp.
Q.18: Describe briefly the story of " The Wolves of Cernograte ".
Q.19: Write down an Essay on any ONE of the following topics.
(I) Health is Wealth
(ii) Life in A Big City
(iii) My Favorites Book
--------The End------------