The dove and the bee

Outline: A bee falls into a tank … A dove flies over the lake… drops a leaf in the water away… a hunter aims to shoot the dove … hunter stung by bee… thus dove is saved … Moral. A bee, feeling very thirsty went to a tank to quench its thirst. While it was drinking it fell into the tank and was almost drowned. A dove happened to fly past. She saw the danger the bee was in and took pity on it. She at once flew to a tree near by. Plucked a large leaf and dropped on the leaf. When its wings dried it flew away thanking the dove for her kindness. No long after this the same bee saw a hunter taking aim at the same dove sitting on the branch of a tree. It saw that she was in danger. At once it flew to the hunter's hand and stung it. He starlet up with pain and missed his aim. The dove flew away unharmed thanking the bee. Moral: One good turn deserves another.

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