A Foolish Stag

Outline: … A farmer's daughter with a bucket of milk on her head is going to market… beings day dreaming and thinks of things she can buy… dreams of becoming rich and refusing offers of marriage… tosses her head in pride. Once a farmer asked her daughter to take a pail of milk to the market. She readily obeyed placed the pail of milk on her head and took her way to the market. On her way she indulges in day dreaming She thought of the great rush at the market and the brisk business that was expected there. She dreamt that the milk would fetch her a handsome amount of money which would enable her to purchase certain articles which in their turn would fetch more price. This would make her rich in no time. She would receive offers to marriage and would proudly refuse each in turn. These thoughts turned her head and made her toss the pail of milk. It fell down and broke. She was ashamed of day dreaming and returned home sullen and said it was no use crying over split milk.

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