Letter to the editor of a newspaper on evils of begging.

Urdu Bazar Lahore April 8, 2010 To Editor The Jung Lahore Sir Through the columns of your esteemed paper I wish to draw the attention of the authorities and the public to the evils of street begging in our country. Street begging is a regular nuisance. It is a blot on the fair name of our country. Begging is an evil. But in Pakistan it has become an organized profession. Almost at every step you are greeted by a beggar. They gather around you in business in trains in the bazaars and near the places of worship. Our national prestige suffers a good deal when beggars greet foreigners at every turn of the road. Unfortunately in our country giving alms is believed a part of religion. The most painful thing is that most of these beggars are able bodied. They can do manual labor. If they so desire. But they find it more easy to live on other people's hard earned money. This easy got money they spend on drinking and gambling. Then the tragedy is that these beggars encourage even their children to beg. Thus this so called charity leads to so many vices. The need of the hour is that this social evil must be put to an end. Healthy beggars should be made to work. The disabled the cripped and the blind beggars however should be maintained at state expense. They should be kept in some suitable houses outside the city where thy should be fed at Government Expenses. Not only begging should be declared illegal by an act of parliament. But public opinion should also be educated against it. Those who give alms to the strong and able bodied men women and children should be punished. Part XVI

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