Letter to the Editor of a newspaper about the rising prices.

43/C Mohallah Jogian Bhatti Gate Lahore March 1997 To The Editor The News Lahore Sir I would be very grateful if you publish the following few lines in the letter to the Editor columns of your esteemed daily. The letter deals with the increasement in prices every week. For the last many months the prices of essential commodities have been rising. With the meager salary it has become difficult or the majority of the people to make both ends meet. A man with a fixed income finds it all the more difficult to pull on. He is always in trouble. He cannot think a way out. Goodness knows when this vicious circle of rising prices will end. The common man is crushed. He cannot fulfill even his daily requirements. The essential commodities and things of daily need are rising in prices almost every other week and some times it happens even after two or three days. There is always a solution to every problem. In order to put a check on these ever soaring prices. It is imperative for the Government to plug all the loopholes and check black marketers hoarders and profiteers. These elements are the enemies of the people. Such unworthy elements should be eliminated. If it is not put into practice the common man cannot heave a sigh of relief and he will be crushed under the wheel of this price hike. Yours truly Kamran

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