Special students get wheelchairs

Lahore:April 27:Disability is just a perception. Waqas Ahmed, who, according to his doctors, has a neuro-disability level of more than 79 per cent, is a living example and an inspiration for all the physically-challenged people across the globe. Waqas, whose life moves on with a push of a button of his special wheelchair, Tuesday donated wheelchairs and white cane to the Centre for Special Students (CSS) of his alma mater, Government College University Lahore. According to a press release, GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah hosted a special ceremony in the honour of his lion-hearted alumni who has been facing multiple neurological disorders since his childhood. But, the brave soul never fell in the valley of despair. Rather, after studying six years at GCU, he in 2008 decided to establish an NGO for helping the other financially and physically-challenged and now more than 400 Old Ravians and Ravians were voluntarily working with him at his NGO, carrying out different welfare activities from Balakot to Jhang. Addressing the ceremony, Waqas said he had established NGO because he didn’t want others to face the quandaries, he had confronted in his life. He said he took pride in the fact that he had never ceased struggle despite lacking physical normalcy. I never depended on anyone. I find myself better than many sad-faced youths who never exploited their potentials, he said and added a disabled was not the one who can’t work, disabled was the one who doesn’t work. I hate when somebody calls me disabled. Please stop using this word, he said. Speaking on the occasion, Vice Chancellor Prof Shah said about 150 physically-challenged, mostly visually impaired, are currently studying at GCU, adding GCU had a strong tradition it did not refuse admission to any physically-challenged student. Rather, the university has modified its facilities for their free movement, he said and added Waqas Ahmed was not only a role model for physically-challenged people, rather he was an inspiration for everyone. Dr Khalid Jamil Akhtar, a scholar and medical professional, said Waqas was a miracle as many people having neuro-disability level of more than 50 percent could not even mover out of their rooms. But, Waqas moves and travels and works independently, he said. GCU CSS In charge Salman Khalid said wheelchairs and white cans donated by Waqas had a special message that everybody must pay back the debt of his lama mater as per his/her capacity and resources. A walk was held for awareness about the rights and special abilities of physically-challenged people.The news.