KU MA (Previous) results

Karachi:The University of Karachi (KU) has announced the results of MA (Previous) External annual examinations-2009 in the subjects of General History, Philosophy, Sindhi, and Urdu. In General History, 56 students were enrolled, 51 appeared, and 19 of them passed the examination. The pass percentage was 37.25. A total of 20 students were enrolled in Philosophy, 13 appeared, and four of them passed the examination. The pass percentage was 30.77. There were 39 enrolled students Sindhi, 35 appeared, and 18 passed the examination. The pass percentage was 51.43. A total of 465 students were enrolled, in Urdu, 414 appeared, and 241 passed the examination. The pass percentage was 58.21.The news see your Result at This link (sindh study) http://www.sindhstudy.com/node/4662

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