The Autobiography of a Newspaper

I wonder if you know my life story. Most probably you don't. So you may be interested to listen to what I say I was born in the forests of America. I grew to be a tall tree with soft wood. One day I was surprised to see many men coming into the forest. They begaaan to cut down cruelly many of my friends and I shook with fear. All at once a man came near me. He gave me many severe cuts with his sharp steel axe and felled me down. I cried with pain when a huge machine cut me into big pieces. I was made to roll down the melting snow which had made the ground very slippery. Many of my friends and I were brought to a paper machines. Here we were ground into very soft powder which was then mixed up with water and a few other things. It was pressed between heavy rollers and spread evenly on water proof cloth. When it became dry it was polished by passing through stone rollers and was pleased to find that I had taken the shape of white paper. After some time I was packed in wooden boxes and taken to a port. There were many steamers waiting. And I was put in one of them. In about a month we reached Karachi. Then we were taken to a printing press it was a noisy place. But I liked it. A large number of men and machines were at work. The presses worked day and night to bring out the daily newspaper. One day I was placed on a big printing machine Every hour it turned out five hundred thousand copies of a sixteen page newpaper. They were cut arranged and counted by the machines. Then carts and railway carriage carried us at full speed to you. Isn't all very wonderful? You find in me up to date news of the world and beautiful pictures. Have you ever thought how news and pictures are brought to the printing press? The camera the wireless ant the teleprinter are all at my service. These work for me day and night. These in fact work for you as I serve you in so many ways. I let you know about the latest books about the market prices and about the works of art painting and science. I bring together the seller and the buyer the ruler and the ruled. You can speak to a log of people through me. You can tell people whether or not you agree with them on what they say or do. I am a good newspaper. I am a great force. And I do a great service by educating public mind and making people unite for a common and noble cause.

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