Our National Heroes

Different nations have different heroes. In every era there were heroes who worked selflessly and earned their name and fame. A hero is a man sent by God. He can be a poet Prophet King soldier Politician or a priest. If we have a look on the pages of history we find many immortal names there. History of Islam is also full of many heroes such as Hazrat Ali, Khalid bin Walid, Muhammad Bin Qasim, Abu Obeda, Tariq bin Ziad, Sultan Muhammad Fateh, Tipu Sultan and Sirajuddaaula. They performed great deeds of heroism for the glory of Islam. In recent history too many person were prominent for their work for the creation of an independent state Pakistan. Pakistan was not achieved in one day. It took a long time to come in to being. Pakistan was achieved on the ideological basis. The Muslims had to work. People struggled for the creation of Pakistan day and night . We may call them our national heroes. All of them deserve our respect and are equally worthy. We will mention here only a few of them because it not possible to discuss all over heroes in an essay. Everyone of us knows the name of sir syed Ahmad Khan. He was the first Muslim reformer and hero who roused the Muslims from their slumber. His efforts were directed towards the revival of the Muslims. Aligarh University produced a number of eminent scholars and statesmen. Then comes the name of Allama Iqbal. He was the first man who had stress on a separate Muslim state. In his Allahabad Address he justified the creation of a state for the Muslims. In the address he earmarked the areas which were to form the Muslim state. Pakistan is the realization of his dream. It is he who presented two nation theory first. Allama Iqbal and the Quaid e Azam advanced his theory and demanded a separate homeland for the Muslims. After sir syed Ahmad there were other heroes but the time and space both are problems. I would like to mention the greatest hero of this century i.e. Muhammad Ali Jinnah. During the period of his leadership he was called Quaid e Azam (The Great Leader) and aafter his death he is called the Baba e Millat (the father of the nation) He struggled day and night to establish Pakistan. It was he who changed a dream into reality. Men working with him like Liaquat Ali Khan, Sardar Abrur Rab Nishtar, Khwaja Nazimuddin, and may others also deserve the little of out National Heroes. Liaquat Ali Khan in particular was the right hand man of the Quaid e Azam. He worked hard to make Pakistan strong and was called the Quaid e Millat (the leader of the nation). He attained the supreme position of a martyr through his sacrifice. He was a great and sincere leader. Our brave soldiers who are defending our borders also deserve great tribute. All the soldiers who fought bravely and those who laid down their lives in defending Pakistan in the 1965 war are also our National Heroes. Aziz Bhatti, Brigadier Shami, M.M. Alam, General Musa, Air Marshal Asghar Khan, Noor Khan, A.R.Khan etc. and all others who worked selflessly for their nation. We should be proud of all our national heroes and mention their names with respect. We should never forget them we must pay them tribute every year so that coming generations may know them as well.

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