A few days ago while one of your friends was reading his oil lamp overtuned and the furniture in the room caught fire. You were living next door and rushed to his help. Write a letter to your father describing the part you played in putting out the flame.

249 Kasur pura Lahore
Feb 6, 2016
My dear father
I have not heard from you for a long time. I am very worried about everyone. I hope you and others at home are enjoying sound health and everything is all right. A few days ago a very sad event occurred here. You know my friend Asif lives next door to mine. At about 11:30 pm. When I was about to retire to my bed. I heard him calling me for help. I was wearing sleeping gown at that time. Without wasting even a single second I rushed to him bareheaded and barefooted and found that all things in his room were aflame. I raised an alarm and soon a number of persons arrived there to help We all brought buckets of water and tried to bring the fire under control. All the furniture and the books were reduced to ashes. Fortunately the walls were cemented so fire could not spread to other parts of the building. It took us roughly half an hour to put out the fire. During the course of the fight with the fire I got some injuries on my shoulder But those were minor. One enquiry I was told that when my friend was about to put out the lamp. It over tuned. Immediately the oil fell on the table ant the books caught fire. In this way the fire went on spreading. We some of the students have decided to help him financially as well please send me some money too. Pay my regards to every one.
Your loving son:
Tariq Ilyas

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