Some Interesting Place I Have Visited

Different people have different choice. During vacation some people like to enjoy sleep some people like to visit different places. Some people like to play games and some like to read. But I have great love for visiting other places. Summer holidays are a big chance to visit the place of your own choice. Last year when summer holidays were near we were all tired of out work and studies. My father proposed that we should go to our native place during our holidays. But I suggested that we should go to some new place like Murree so that there might be some novelty and charm about our going out. To my great joy. Father accepted my suggestion and we decided to go to Murree for a week. In fact Murree is the right place to enjoy your summer vacation. We started on the 15th of June in the afternoon by Rail car from Lahore. There was such a rush of passengers that we were afraid we would not get seats. My fears came out to be true. The second class compartments were practically overflowing with passengers. My father purchased first class tickets but even then all of us could not have seats in the compartment. Instead of going back or going by the next train. We decided to travel that waay thus beginning our romance in night earnest from the beginning. My mother and sister sat in ladies compartment while I sat with my father in gents compartment. At the right time the train left the station a mid usual waving of hands and handkerchiefs. The natural scenery as I saw from my windows seemed to me most charming. I had never seen it before. I was an extra ordinary scene I was also over joyed. After five hours journey were reached Rawalpindi and made our way to Murree Hills. This was also an extremely interesting sight for me to watch the car go round and round the mountain and yet go up without falling down. Like a worm going around and cricket ball After an hour or so. We reached Murree. It was a very charming place. It was so beautiful and green that I kept on looking outside all the time. In murree first of all we found a good hotel and we put our luggage there. The place was centrally situated and it commanded a beautiful view of mountains. It was very cold and so all of us put on as many warm clothes as possible so that there might not be the smallest entrance left for cold to enter. Only our faces were bare and our mouth smoked like chimmney's in the morning. Murree is a very delightful place. It is a place of long walks and beautiful points. The place stands on a great height from the sea level. There are innumerable trees. The earth of Murree is brown and we spoil our pants and shoes every time we go out But walking is a great pleasure in Murree and that is why exactly I do not like the idea of men sitting like dummies in the richshaws drawn by human beings. I never like the sight of man being drawn by a man as if the other man were a bullock or a horse. I think at this beautiful place every one should walk. In Murree there are different points to enjoy. One of my favourite points was pindi point. Which I changed into Kashmir point. From every point we see beautiful sights mountains majestically stretching themselves at full length like pythons in the fable. Beautiful valleys going down green trees and clouds sometimes passing just above our head of sometimes even blow our feet. Besides points and valley there are many other interesting place to enjoy. There is a park where people I the evening meet the children play. There is a small lake and a small spring. The water of which is famous for its chemical properties. It is a race joy of life to see the sunset and the sunrise at Murree. Usually people miss them but I think it as a very beautiful scene. Cold is a part of life in Murree. Despite it I twice or thrice came out of my bed and opening the windows looked at the rising of the sun. While at Murree we used to take long walks sometimes walking about ten or twelve miles a day. Sometimes I rode on horse back. On the whole my month's stay at Murree remains sweet memory in my life. I enjoyed every moment there. I can never forget that much pleasure throughout my life.

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