A Visit To A Hill Station

Last summer vacation it was very hot. We decided to have a trip to the hills and as we had not much money to spend we went by bus to Swat and from there we started on foot. Our luggage consisted only of our beddings for which we engaged two coolies. It was quite pleasant to walk through the mountainous country. In the beginning up to a short distance it was a bit dreary but we soon found ourselves surrounded by verdure. We passed through high hills. Our route lay meandering round lofty rocks and when we emerged into open space the scenery was very picturesque . then green grass and ever green bushes and here and there a few flowers which covered the hill sides were very charming indeed. The air was fresh and life giving. At places we had to cross mountain streams full of limpid water. Sometimes we made our own food and though we were novices in the art yet we managed to prepare a tolerably good meal to which we did full justice. After two or three days journey our appetite increase and we felt hungry all the time. At the close of the day we used to wonder how we digested all the good and bad things that we had taken on the way. Really the climate of the hills is very healthy. In a few days we were changed men altogether Our health improved and we enjoyed much. Middle class travelers have their problems. They cannot stay at good resting places because of high rates. The places where we stay are not comfortable. They are very dirty. It seems as if they have never been swept .We spread out bedding and lay on it not to sleep but to keep up a continuous fight with bugs and other insects which swarmed to have a taste of us strangers and intruders. We just passed the night because we could not sleep for a moment. The next day we reached Kalam and took our lodgings in a hotel. Here we had very comfort and no difficulty about food. It is the summer headquarters of the district and snow at a short distance. We hired a mule which was very restive. We took our turns but it gave us a great trouble. Mr. Asif was thrown down and badly hurt. The mule never went straight. It was wandered from one point to another at one time going very near the brink of a precipice as if preparing to tumble dowm to end its own miserable existence and that of its rider but it soon came back on the road. We returned the same day. For seven days we enjoyed there a lot and enjoyed our walks through mountains country a great deal. The ascent and descent were especially enjoyable and we walked long distances every day. As our summer vacation were about to expire. We took a motor car at 8:00 am. Reaching Lahore in the evening.

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