A Visit To An Exhibition

Exhibitions are a very important source of information and education for the masses. They play a very important role in the life of a nation. They provide immense knowledge to the people about many things. The people are able to learn about many things by way of fun. Of course they are also highly informative for the children and students. The students can learn a lot by visiting these exhibitions which are held in big cities in our country. They are also a source of amusement and recreation for them. The exhibitions tell us about the progress that has been made by our country in different spheres. The young boys and girls can be inspired to work hard and produce the things which are exhibited at these places. Last time we saw a huge industrial exhibition at the Fortress Stadium. It was held in the month of January. Many countries of the world exhibited their industrial goods in this exhibition. Countries like Russia USA UK etc. had constructed huge pavilions to exhibit their industrial products. They had transported big and small machines all the way from their countries to show the progress made by them in the industrial field. Pakistan industrialists had also constructed beautiful pavilion for the exhibition of their machines and goods. It was in international exhibition and a large number of foreign countries were exhibiting their goods. Millions of visitors were expected to visit this exhibition from all over Pakistan and other countries. It was a very good opportunity for the Pakistani businessmen to earn foreign exchange by selling their goods to foreign countries. I went to see this exhibition along with my parents and my younger brother on a Sunday. There was a great rush in the exhibition grounds. The exhibition was in full swing because a week had already passed since it was inaugurated by our Prime Minister. Thousands of visitors had come to see it from all parts of our country and abroad. There were the young and the old ladies and gents rich and poor students and teachers workers and industrialists. We bought the tickets and entered the exhibition grounds through a huge gate which was built in a grand style. We visited many pavilion one after the other. We saw beautiful goods and machines being exhibited here. There were attendants and guides who were giving the necessary information regarding the exhibits. There was a long queue of people at every pavilion. The state governments had also set up their pavilions to show their achievements in the different fields of industry. In the exhibition ground various amusements and entertainments were also provided. There were a number of restaurants which were doing a roaring business. A mini circus and a magic show was also going on. Children were having a ride on the back of a big elephant. We had a swing on a giant wheel and enjoy the view of the exhibition. It took us nearly three hours to have a ground of the exhibition. It was now 8:30 pm. In the night. We felt quite tired. The exhibition ground which was fully illuminated with tube lights was looking like a fairyland. We hired a taxi and came back home. We had seen many new things and enjoyed every minute which we spent going round the pavilions.

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