A Visit To A Zoo

The zoo is a place where different kinds of animals, beasts, birds etc. are kept. It is a place of a great educational value for all persons and especially for the children. Here children can get familiar with different kinds of living creatures who live in different parts of the world. A visit to the zoo is highly informative and it increases the knowledge of the students. Those who are living in the cities do not know about the life of animals and beasts who live in the forest. Thus by going to the zoological park they can see birds and beasts of different colours and varieties, who live far away from our civilization in the jungles. There is a good zoological parks in Pakistan especially in its big cities like Lahore, Karachi. In Lahore the zoo is situated near Wapda House on the Mall. Last Sunday I visited the Lahore zoo in the company of my friends from our school. We started from our homes at 10:00 a.m. and took the van No. 25. At the zoo there was a great rush of visitors who had also come to visit the zoo and were all in a holiday mood. One of our friends stood in the long queue to purchase the entry tickets after which we entered the zoo. In the zoo there are beautiful parks and pools. First of all we saw the water birds like the ducks swans and cranes which were playing in the water. All of us were thrilled to see the beautiful water birds. The names of the birds were written also on wooden boards which were fixed in the ground. Then we saw the birds who were twittering and hopping their cages. There were beautiful birds like pigeons parrots and sparrows all making a lot of noise. After this we saw a little ahead stags and deer playing in an enclosure which looked like a forest. A Neelgai was standing nearby. There was an enclosure of kangaroos. A pair of rhinos was also standing in dirty water. The rhinoceros has a very massive body with a horn on the nose. Gradually we moved on to the section of wild animals. This section was very thrilling for all of us. In it we saw lions tigers bears and panthers. A few leopards were also there. All these beasts were kept in separate cages. We also saw a white tiger. The white tiger was attracting big crowds. A few lions were sleeping and taking rest. A tiger was moving to and fro with his angry eyes. Then we saw a jackal a wolf and foxes. There were snakes and cobras of different kinds. There were also different kinds of monkeys and baboons from all over the world. Then we saw an elephant camels ponies donkeys etc. Owls, chakors and hawks could also been seen in their cages. Now we were much tired so we sad down for our lunch and rest. We ate our dry lunch which we had taken from our house with us and sat on the grassy ground under the trees. We also took tea from a stall and then resumed our tour to the zoo. We enjoyed a joy ride on the elephant and came back home in the evening. We enjoyed ourselves much at the zoo the whole day long.

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