My First Day At School

When I passed my 8th class from a middle school in Karachi my father was transfered to Lahore. I had stood first in my class. In reality all through my school career I had been standing first in my class. In Lahore my father wanted me to be admitted in a good school from where I could pass my Secondary School Examination securing good marks. First of all in Lahore accommodation in a good locality is a problem. Ultimately we got a good house on rent in Model Town. After a few days my father took me to the Principal Government Higher Secondary School Model Town. This school is housed in a multi storey building. I was quite nervous because this was my first day in a school in Lahore. I did not know about the school. Its staff or about the students studying there. We reached the principal's office at 10:00 A.M. He seemed to be quite busy. A lot of students and their parents were waiting outside his school office. Most probably they had also come to seek admission there. I knew that to seek admission in a school in Lahore was quite a big problem. We sat outside his officer on the chairs which were provided for the visitors. The peon was allowing the visitors to go inside the office of the principal one by one. Ultimately our turn also came I went inside the office of the Principal along with my father. The principal seemed to be a thorough gentleman. He had a very impressive personality. He offered a seat to my father. He also asked me to sit on a chair. There after he asked my name and many other questions. The Principal was quite satisfied with my answers. He also saw my progress report from my previous school. He was happy to know that all through my career I was a topper in my class. He agreed to offer my admission in the science group. My father filled in the admission form and deposited the fee. The Principal signed my admission form and wrote in his own handwriting on the corner Admit Immediately. He also promised to sanction a scholarship for me at the earliest. My father thanked the principal and shook hands with him. The peon took us to the office where we submitted the admission form along with the fee. After this I was given an admission card for IX-A Section. Then I went to my class room. The peon was kind enough to introduce me to my class teacher. Mr. Aurangzeb was our class teacher. He was teaching English to our class. He asked me many questions about my previous school. He was much pleased by my answers. Soon the bell rang and the period was over. As soon as the period was over. Mr. Aurangzeb left the class. Before going out he asked the monitor Mr. Akmal to tell me about the time table and introduce me to all my teachers. Mr. Kamal was also a very brilliant student. We soon became fast friends. Some of my other class fellows also started talking to me. They asked me many questions about my previous school. They were all impressed by my intelligence and sought my friendship and guidance in studies. After this Mr. Mansoor came to our class He taught us Chemistry. He also asked me many questions and was much pleased with me. He encouraged me to work hard and secure good marks. He taught us Chemistry in a very interesting manner. After this there was recess for half an hour. Mr. Akmal remained with me all through. After the recess I was introduced to all other teachers also. I was very happy that I was admitted in a good school. All the teachers showed much interest in me. They seemed to be pleased with my previous results and assured me of every help n their part. At 3:30 p.m. my school was over and I came back to my house very happy. This was really a memorable day in my life.