If I Were Principal

A Principle is the head of the school. He is the most important person in the school. He is in a way all in all. He is the captain who steers the ship of the school with the help of other member of the staff. He is responsible or creating a healthy and inspiring atmosphere in the school. He is a well read and experienced person. He is also supposed to be a good administrator to run the institution. He is the center of gravity in the school. He is just like sun around which all the other planets revolve. He has the responsibility to keep a good educational standard. If I were a principal of my school I would try my best to make my self an ideal principal. I would make my school a model for al others to follow. I would do everything in a very systematic wand scientific manner. I would not allow anything to happen in a disorderly manner. First of all I would pay my maximum attention towards the building up of a sense of discipline among the students and teachers. Discipline is very necessary for the progress of any nation. Students of today are the citizen of tomorrow. Neither any student nor any teacher will be allowed to come late or miss any class. I would also see to it that only those person should be recruited as teachers who are well qualified for this noble profession. Not only they should possess high educational qualifications but they should also have the missionary spirit to teach the students. I would also ask the teachers to give home task to the students every day. They would also check up the same regularly. The teachers will be asked to take special care of the weak students and help them in removing their weakness in their particular subjects. I would also like to teach the dignity of labor to my students. I would ask them to keep their classrooms and the school absolutely neat and clean. The students will also be given training in gardening, photography, painting, agriculture, carpentry, blacksmith etc. I would not neglect the physical training of the students. The P.T. period will be made compulsory for all the students. Games would also be made compulsory. Every student will have to play one for the other game because games are very essential for the physical and mental development of the students. I would like to associate the students in the running of the school canteen on a no profit no loss basis this will be a good experiment. It will teach the student to shoulder responsibility. Similarly the student will be associated in the management of the school library so that they will learn to love books. This will also develop the reading habit in them. Thus if I get a chance to become the principal of my school. I would be introducing all these and many more reforms for making my school a model institution. My school will be producing perfect students in all respects.