My School Library

There is a great importance of a good library in a school. A library is a huge collection of books on many subjects it is in reality very essential for the students as it is a store house of knowledge. In the library there are all types of books magazines and newspapers available for reading. A well stocked library is an asset for a school. The students can increase their knowledge by reading in the library during their free time. They can also take books to their homes for reading at their leisure. A school without a library cannot inspire its students to seek higher knowledge. The library is a treasure of knowledge. Both the teachers and the students need a good library in order to keep their knowledge fresh and up to date. For a good library a good librarian is also very necessary. He should keep the records of books. He can also give proper guidance to the students to read good books which can increase their knowledge. We are very fortunate in having a good library in our school. It is as well stocked with books magazines periodicals etc. There are nearly 20000 book on all subjects. Books have been neatly arranged in proper shelves and almirahs. The books have been arranged according to their subjects. Thus there is no difficulty for the students in finding any book of their choice and get it issued. The library in our school is housed in a very spacious hall which is kept very clean all the time. The librarian or our school is also a thorough gentleman. He is a very well read person. He is always ready to help the students in finding the books they like. He knows the names of most of the writers and their books. The students have also great respect and affection with him. We can go at any time to him to seek his guidance. We also sometimes make suggestions for new books which he readily notes down in the suggestions register. He invites suggestions from all the students for improving the library. All the students or our school have been issued two cards. Each student can get four books at a time issued on these cards. The books are issued for ten days at a time. If a student does not return a book in the due date then he has to pay a nominal fine of ten paisa per book per day. There are many text books in our school library which are of great help to the poor students. All the students of our school are proud of our school library. They help twice a year in the general cleaning and arranging of the books. In reality the books are the best friends of a student.