The Ideal Student

It is a great thing to be an ideal because the ideal is always perfect in every aspect. The ideal student should also have certain qualities for example he is regular and punctual in his work. He does not waste his time in idle gossip or frivolous pursuits. His whole time and energies are devoted to the acquisition of the knowledge and the formation of good habits and character. He is different from others. He possesses extra ordinary qualities which make his distinguished. Early to bed and early to rise is the way to be healthy wealthy and wise. Therefore the ideal student must be an early riser because a lie in bed fellow can never make satisfactory progress in his studies. He will bathe and say his prayers and then begin the day's work with a definite program. He will attend his lectures in time, and while innocent fun is not forbidden, he will have nothing to do with the wicked jokes of mischievous boys. He keeps aloof from bad companions and chooses his friends with care. He knows that the friends are thieves of time and time is the most precious thing in the world. The ideal student never neglects the opportunities which he has of forming good habits under the guidance of his parents and his teachers. He will discipline his body and mind and learn those things which will be of use to him in after life. An English writer says " As I look back upon the days when I was a student I can see that here I went wrong and there I mistook here I missed a golden opportunity and there I acquired wrong habit or received a wrong bias and as I sometimes walk past a college I pause and sigh that I cannot go back and begin life again carrying with me my present experience. A good boy need not regret like this for he will follow the example and advice of men wiser and more experienced than he is i.e. his parents and teachers. He knows that when old cock crows the young cock learns. He never ignores his parents or teachers because they are the most experienced people before him. There is no doubt the studies is the first and foremost duty of the ideal student and he leaves no stone unturned to acquire knowledge but at the same time he will not neglect his body either he will take regular exercise. The development of body mind and soul shall in the case of an ideal student proceed side by side viz. his development wall be harmonious and not one sided. By taking exercise daily his mental as well as physical faculties will flourish. He knows that without exercise health goes not stay good. He does not digest food properly. Therefore he will pay full attention to his health as well.