Recess Period In The School

Recess brings joy to every student. It is the only period which is greeted by the students with shouts of joy. They rush out of the rooms and start running in every direction. Some students open their lunch boxes in the class room itself. They sit in small groups so that they can warm up their bread with gossip and small talk. They combine their snacks and chappatis so that they can have a better choice. Every one praises mummy for expert cooking. They have to finish it as soon as possible so that they can wash it down with hot or cold beverage. In the rest of time they go and recline in the lawns. Some sports lovers do not waste their time in lunch at all. With the bell they run to the fields and pick up their bats and balls. They know that the playgrounds are not enough for everyone. The person who reached first will be able to do his best. They occupy back seats in the class rooms and munch their lunch stealthly. Sometime they can be seen eating it on their way to the ground. Only one thing is in their minds that they should reach the playground first. The busiest place during the recess period is the school canteen. Every one shouts at the head of the other and wants to get the snack or cold drinks first. The ice cream vender has a hay day. The shop is strewn with wrappers and wooden spoons. The students who purchase ready foods do not want to get aside. They take it from the shop straight to the mouth. The sweet smell of sweets attracts them like bees to the honey. They are a few students who go to the reading room or the school library. They are serious students who do not want to waste a single minute of their precious time. When the second bell rings to announce the end of the recess period the students wend their way to the class rooms. One can see gloom write large on their faces. They get themselves ready to attend the last periods willy-nilly. The moment they come back to the class room their joy is no more.