A Day Before An Examination

There are many days which are interesting but day before an examination is interesting in many ways. On this day the examinees are in some particular mood. Most of the examinees heart throb. Everyone is in a state of uncertainty as to what would come in the examination. Which every one tries his best to prepare himself as one can. He does his best to pass the examination. All the students for the examination put heart and soul in their studies. They prepare the subject in which they are taking test the next day. Preparing the questions notes and points of important questions is the work of all the examinees. A bundle of books are read by the examinees in order to get good marks in the examination. But even then they are not so sure about their success. They are uncertain about their result. The parents of the examinees take care of them. Everyone wishes success for them in the examination. Examinees are helped by all everything is given ready made to them so that their time may not be wasted. During the night before the examination much care is taken. They revise their courses and try to recollect the questions. They also make guesses. They study very carefully that night. They do not study up till late in the night because they want to have complete sleep. Otherwise they may get confused in the examination hall. Examinees who care too much for their examination look upon everything with contempt. They do not like to eat anything see anything or hear anything. Their minds become weary. To them everything bears a sad look because they think of examination only. They do nothing except studying. The examinees also set their paraphernalia of examination in order a pen an inkpot and other necessary items are put in order. When they go to sleep at night they set the alarm so that they may get up at right time and make the necessary preparation. Usually they get up early in the morning. Thus a day before an examination is a day not of elevated spirits and delightful mood but it is a day when the mind remains disturbed and one does not feel like enjoying or taking pleasure. A melancholy mood prevails upon them. They do not take interest in anything. No one in this world likes to be examined. Even Christ said " Do not put me to test " . It is the thing which makes the examinees a little sad however intelligent they may be. Exam is Exam. Everyone has to work for that.