My School Boarding House

Boarding House is a place where students outside form the city stay and study. All the big schools and colleges have boarding houses. It is a great facility for the students where they have no problems. Usually they are called hostels. Many students can stay there. There is a proper arrangement for residence and food. Since all of the residents are students therefore there is proper atmosphere for studies. Boarding house is either inside the campus of outside but it is under the direct control of the headmaster or principal. It is always neat and clean. In other words we can say that it is the second house of the students. Here they get a chance to make their life. All the students develop their friendly relations and they live a very useful life. My school hostel lies outside the town near my school. On three sides of it there are fields, while on the fourth side lie the school playgrounds. It is rectangular in shape with a big compound in the center. There is a gate in the center of the western wall. The hostel building contains twenty five four seated rooms. The rooms are all airy and well lighted. They are always kept clean. On the southern side lie the superintendent's family quarters. There is a well near them. On the northern side we have a prayer hall and two kitchens. Mr. Ali is our superintendent. He is a very good man. He takes keen interest in us. He is very strict and keeps perfect discipline. Each boarder pays a monthly fee of twenty rupees only and is supplied with a table a stool an almirah and a chrpai. Every boarder has to take exercise in the evening daily. At 10 p.m. all lights are put out and no boy is allowed to study after that. Every boy is made to get up at 5 a.m. daily. The roll is called at 9 a.m. daily. Kitchen arrangements are very good. The superintendent sees whether the servants behave properly towards the boarders and that the food is well cooked or not.