Duties of Students

Every body has his own duties and rights. The same is true with a student. He also has certain duties. The first and foremost duty of a student if to acquire knowledge and for this he must gladly submit to the rules of discipline and the methods of teaching which his teachers may adopt. As a bee gathers honey as a student should assiduously gather knowledge and wisdom from every source. He must not waste his time in idle pursuits but must utilize every minute to self advancement and progress. He must work for his aim. A student should form regular habits and take great care of his character. He must obey his parents and teachers and follow other directions as they are his best well wishers. A wayward child who does not care for the advice of his elders suffers in the end. He makes no progress. He has to repent in the later life but it is useless to cry over spilt milk. Health is wealth. It is also very important. Every student should take care of health. His aim should be have to a sound mind in a sound body. He must take regular exercise and develop his body. Without health and strength of body he will not be able to go on with his studies. Games play an important part in the development of character. And every young man should take park in the games and activities of the school. Let it be remembered that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And all play and no work makes Jack a mere toy. Students should selet their companions with great care. They should not associate at all with men of lower character and those who do not enjoy good reputation. Their companions and friends should be chosen from among good boys. A tree is known by its fruit and a man is known by his company. This thing must be kept in mind. It is also duty of a student to pay full attention to his studies in his class. They should have only one thing in mind and that is studies. They should not sit inattentive in the class nor copy or use unfair means in the examination nor depend upon others. They must develop habits of self reliance. They must also be truthful self respecting cheerful and frank. They should not be quarrelsome. They should be symbol of love. Cleanliness is a part of religion. No one can be healthy without cleanliness. Therefore all the students should be clean. They should be neat in everything. Their dress should not be slovenly or carelessly worn. These are the minute points on character. Students should not neglect their daily prayer. While they seek to strengthen their bodies and minds. They must also strengthen their souls. A sound body has a sound mind. It is the duty of a student to keep his body sound by cleanliness.