Our School

The name of our school is Central Model High School. It is situated on the Mall near District Court Lahore. The building of our school is very grand. It is made of bricks. It has 40 rooms. The rooms are airy. Every room has ventilators. There is a good library. The library has a good stock of books .Some of the books are very interesting. These are books which increase one's wisdom, intelligence, and commonsense. The school has a good laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with the necessary and other scientific instruments. The school has two portions . One is primary and other is High. Every class is divided into four sections. There are 2000 boys studying in the school. It has a staff of 50 members. The staff is capable and efficient. The principal of the school is a reputed man. He is very popular among the staff and students. He keeps a strict eye upon the students. The school office is managed by one clerk and one cashier. All are hard working and honest. The school has two playgrounds. One tennis courtyard a swimming pool and a nice cafeteria. It has also a beautiful garden where students relax and pass their recess period. Our school is progressing in all the fields. In studies it has made a mark. Its students secure positions in the final examination. Even in games sports and tournaments. It has made such progress. Our school has won many trophies shields and other medals in such activities. There is no field where our students do not take part. In debate also the students of our school secure good positions. It is considered to be one of the best schools in Lahore. Its reputation is very good. All of us are really proud of this good and great institution. We wish that it may make progress by leaps and bounds.