Discriminatory education system

In the modern world, the most precious asset of humanity is man himself, and the most effective tool for the judicious development of this precious resource is education. In Pakistan where large segments of population have been deprived of education, it is painful to note that the discriminatory educational system has widely blocked the opportunities for the poor who too dream for better education. About 80 per cent of country’s population is living in rural areas where the parents have no option but to send their wards to government schools for getting education. When they are unable to enrol their children in private English medium schools, the hapless children go to the public sector educational institutions and their ultimate fate rests in farming or is content with mere clerical jobs, particularly in government sector. Following the limited opportunities of better education, well-off people, move to congested urban areas, to seek better educational environment for their children. It also causes increased burden of population at urban areas. Fee aside, it is a hard reality that there is a yawning gap between quality of education between private and public sector schools. About dual educational standards prevalent in Pakistan, Adviser to Prime Minister on Education Sardar Aseff Ahmad Ali said the government is concerned about ongoing situation of discriminatory education and is therefore focusing on changing curricula. He, however, said that the government would never close down the private institutions. He, noted that there should be at least ten per cent quota reserved for the poor segment of the society in well-known private educational institutions such as Aitcheson, Beaconhouse or Bloomfield high schools. “I think it would be a better initiative leading towards provision of indiscriminately and equal opportunities in the field of education to the masses of the country,” he remarked. Private sector is contributing significantly for the expansion and promotion of education in the country. Unfortunately, real situation in respect of strengths, weaknesses and contribution of private institutions towards development and promotion of education at national level is not envisaged or assessed. It is imperative to have accurate and reliable data on private schools at national level in order to ascertain real contribution of the private sector. In a survey, people from different walks of life said that syllabus for every subject must be published before the start of the fresh academic session in newspapers. They also desired that the academic session should be the same for all faculties and colleges. Professor Dr Zafar Iqbal, a staunch supporter of common core curriculum, said that it is very essential for peace, unity and integration of the country. “People, educational societies and government should all play their role according to their resources and capacities to make education an effective instrument of social justice, national integration and socio-economic development.” He said common curricula enables people to evolve a just, democratic, classless human society, devoted to mutual cooperation, international peace, security and progress of the mankind.The news

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