Traveling By Over Crowded Bus

Traveling itself is a very troublesome thing. Whenever someone is on journey he is not easy. He has to face many problems. In Islam there is relaxation for a person who is on journey. The journey by bus is a very difficult thing but for enjoyment it is all right. Traveling by bus is an enjoyable experience and I prefer to traveling by my car. But not traveling by an over crowded bus. It is not only an ordeal to enter into an overcrowded bus but to buy your ticket maintain vertical posture and alight at your destination without injury to your limb or property is also a feat. One is lucky if he comes out of a jam packed bus safe and sound. Once I was standing at the head of the queue and did not enter as the bus was over crowded when a friend came tearing from the rear. She almost forced me to board the bus telling me not to worry as some fool or other would give his seat to us. Ladies So with great difficulty I got on the bus but I cannot explain how much trouble I had to face. Inside the bus you could realize our difficulties if you could imagine the plight of a sardine if it tried to get out of the tin from its bottom. I had to mover from the enterance to the exit.

Buy my ticket ant that too in a bus which not just packed to the full but was not even meant for carrying standing passengers. In the process many boots stepped on my chappals and I have trod on many boots. When I tried to put my hand into my pocket the next passenger started to shout thief thief. I satisfied him with a great difficulty that my hand slipped into his pocket mistakenly and that was because of rush. Twice I found myself in very uncomfortable position.

Once because a co sufferer tried to relieve his suffering by smoking. Unable to bear the smoke I moved away fast. Believe me it was not easy. From the frying pan into the fire was never than in this case. I found myself next to a stinking factory worker I moved again. Fortunately my friend's prediction came true. A young man ………. Knight without armour……… offered me his seat near the exit. My mistery was at an end. I resolved never again to travel by overcrowded bus if icould help it.

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