The Pakistani Juggler

Jugglers are a very common sight in Pakistan. They provide us amusement and fun. They are generally found in small towns, villages and at fairs. In big cities like Lahore we come across very few jugglers because there is not much open space where a juggler can give his performance. Besides there is much hurry about every thing and a great rush of traffic. The polite does not allow them to show their feats which may attract big crowds. People have so many other attractions and means of recreation that they show no interest in the antiquated tricks of the jugglers. Everybody in Pakistan is familiar with the juggler. He moves from village to village and from town to town showing his feats. He is always welcome for he entertains us with his clever tricks. He is generally poor and uneducated. His dress is dirty. He has a bag containing the various articles of his trade a flute and a small drum or damru.

While doing his tricks he plays on the flute and beats the drum. The Pakistani juggler is famous all over the world for his wonderful tricks. He performs his tricks so skillfully and quickly that the eye cannot follow them. His tricks are numerous and varied. A famous trick of the Pakistani juggler is the mango trick. He plants a mango-stone in the ground and sprinkles water over it. He then cover it with a big piece of cloth. After some time he takes away the cloth and to the surprise of all the spectators, there is a tiny mango tree. Another well known trick of the Pakistani juggler is the ring trick. He ties a ring in a corner of the handkerchief and gives it to one of the spectators. The spectators can feel the ringing the handkerchief and hold it tightly. He is then asked to untie the knot.

He does so and finds that the ring has disappeared. The ring is generally found in the pocket of one of the spectators. The juggler's skill requires dexterity and a long practice. He earns a living by his quick feats and the eye cannot follow this movements. He is active and smart but with all that he generally poor. He shows number of other tricks which are equally wonderful and amusing. When the performance is over he spreads a sheet of cloth on the ground and requests the spectators to throw a piece or two on it. Thus he earns from Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 a day.

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