My Hobby

A hobby is a change of work which is done for the main purpose of refreshing oneself. It is an interesting pursuit for the sake of getting pleasure in one's leisure time. Hobby is the pleasant use of the spare time at our disposal. We can use it as we like it. It has correctly been said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The hobbies give us mental and bodily relaxation when we are tired of our daily routine. As a matter of fact we must have some leisure for our enjoyment. If we have no hobby we cannot have a happy life. The aim of a hobby is to lighten our boredom of life. The pursuit of hobbyis also the best method of spending one's free time. Different people like different hobbies. Some like to spent their spare time in reading their favourite books. Some person have the hobby of collecting stamps or coins. Bird watching is also a hobby for some people. Still others like to spent their free time in gardening. Photography is also a popular hobby for the certain person. But it is quite expensive hobby and every one may not be able to afford it. Fishing and swimming are also good hobbies. Certain persons also make it their hobby to collect the autographs of eminent persons. My favourite hobby is gardening. We have a spacious ground attached to our house. I have developed this open space into a beautiful garden. I am always devoting my free time for the up keeping of my beautiful garden which is very dear to me. I get a sense of joy and pride when I visit my garden in my free time. In my garden I have planted some fruit trees. I have also planted some plants of beautiful flowers. Now I have also started growing vegetables. Our needs for fruits and vegetables are wholly met from my small garden which give me a great sense of achievement. I am really proud of my garden which is admired by all who visit our house. I purchase the best seeds from the super market for sowing in my garden. I have also collected all the required tools for gardening. In my library I possess certain books on the subject of gardening. These books have greatly helped me in the maintenance of my garden and pursuing my hobby. I have made many new experiments in my garden regarding growing of vegetables and flowers. My garden is also full of sweet smelling and beautiful flowers. The blooming flowers of different colours greatly enhance the beauty of my garden. Thus my hobby is giving my immense pleasure. Whenever I am such tired of my routine work I just go to my garden and lie there on green grass in the midst of blooming flowers. The sweet fragrance of the flowers fills my nostrils and I feel very active and smart again. My hobby provides me not only pleasure but also a good amount of physical exercise.

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