The Postman

All over the world there are post offices. They make arrangements to deliver the mail all over the world. The person who delivers the letter from house to house is called a postman. A postman is considered the most important public servant. He is found in every nook and corner of the country. Whether it is a city or a town or a village. The postman is a very popular government servant. He is always welcomed because he brings us letters, parcels and money-orders from our friends and relatives. Although he does not always bring us good news or money. We wait for his arrival very eagerly. He is dressed in a khaki uniform. It consists of a turban a coat and a pair of pyjamas. He wears a leather belt round his waist. A leather bag containing letters money-orders, cash and small parcels hangs from his shoulder.

His duty is to deliver letters, parcels and pay money-orders to the persons to whom they may be addressed. When the mail arrives the letters are handed over to him for delivery. He arranges them in order to situation of the houses. He then goes from house to house and from shop to shop delivering the dak. The postman's life is not an easy one. He has to walk about eight miles a day. He has to do his duty I all weathers. He enjoys very few holidays. His work requires that he must be strong, active, punctual, polite, honest and able to read well. Everybody cannot be a postman. One hs to acquire special qualities for becoming a postman.

A person of good health and polite manners alone can discharge the duties of a postman. He always wears a smile on his face. But despite all these he has dark and black future. There are no chances of promotion in his profession. He passes his whole life in poverty and in public service. All this demands that we should hold hi in high esteem and respect him for the burden which he carries on his shoulders. His duty is very hard but his pay is very small. He can hardly make both ends meet. He is a very useful person. He is an important part of the great system which enables people in all parts of the world to keep in touch with one another.

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