ECAT Computer Science MCQS Set 9

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ECAT Computer Science MCQS Page 6

A______stream is a sequence of characters
Both a and b
None of these

A report that provides a column for each field of the records in rows under the column header is know as:
Tabular report
Columnar report
Datasheet report
Justified report

Which of the following statement about the Auto Form Wizard is not true
Forms created with the Auto Form Wizard usually came out looking sharp and professional & don’t require any further clean up work
The Auto Form Wizard is the fastest & easiest way to create a form in Ms-Access
The Auto Form Wizard can only create five types of forms
The Auto Form Wizard can only create forms based on a single table or query

A ——————- Auto form displays one record at a time

When displaying a sub-form with in a main form, which form is based on the primary table?
The main form
Neither main form nor sub-form
The sub-form
Both the main form and the sub-form

Which type of report lists every field for every record in a single column?
Columnar reports
Tabular report
Summary report
All of these

Forms are designed for
All of them
Input data
Manipulated data
Accepting change

_______ function is used to copy a string to an array of characters

Which of the following function is used to read a string from a file

How can you view a report’s sorting & grouping options
Click the sorting and grouping button on the toolbar
Select format ___> sorting & grouping from menu
By double clicking report selector box in the upper left corner of the report
Select file ___> page setup from the menu and click the sorting and grouping tab

Which of the following is used to display yes/no values?
Both a and b
Option button
None of these

Which of the following is NOT a function of report?
Edit data
Display data
Output of database application
Print data

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