CSS Islamiat MCQS Set 12

CSS Islamiat MCQS Page 7

Name the Suhabi whose name is mentioned in the Qur’an?
Hazrat Zaid Bin Haris (R.A)
Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A)
Hazrat Bilal (R.A)
Hazrat Usman (R.A)

When the first wahi was revealed to the Holy Prophet (PBUH)?
17th Ramazan
18th Ramazan
19th Ramazan
20th Ramazan

Ameen-ul-Umat is the title of Hazrat:
Abu-Ubaida bin Al Jaraah (RA)
Emar bin Yasir (RA)
Suleman Farsi (RA)
Abu Saeed Khuzri (RA)

Who is considered a pioneer of chemistry?
Jabir bin Hayyan
Ibn al-Shatir
Ali al-Qushji
Taqi al-Din

Hazrat Muhamad (PBUH) was born about three thousand years, after:
Hazrat Ibraheem (AS)
Hazrat Ismaeel (AS)
Hazrat Moosaa (AS)
Hazrat Eessaa (AS)

King Herodotus ordered the execution of _______ at the behest of a dancer Sloma .
Hazrat Yahya (AS)
Hazrat Issa (AS)
Hazrat Zakariya (AS)
Hazrat Loot (AS)

Name the first personality who laid his life in the way of Allah?
Hazrat Haris ibn Halla (R.A)
Hazrat Haris ibn Abdullah (R.A)
Hazrat Haris ibn Khaleeq (R.A)
Hazrat Haris ibn Abd-ur-Rahman (R.A)

He wouldhave been prophet. If I were not the lastone”, the Prophet (PBUH) said this about:
Hazrat Umar (RA)
Hazrat Abu Bakrr (RA)
Hazrat Ali (RA)
Hazrat Usman (RA)

To which tribe did Haleema Sadia (R.A) belong?
Bani Huwazan
Bani Asad
Bani Tameem
Bani Hashim

Sahifa Hammam ibn Munabbih was found by:
Dr. Hamidullah
Mufti M.Abduhu
Rasheed Ahmad Raza
None of these

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