Rootsians excel in science fair

Islamabad:February 21:Students of the Roots College International (RCI), G-8 Metropolitan Campus, clinched first position in the GIKI’s 13th All Pakistan Science Fair 2012. Nearly 50 teams from top-notch universities and colleges nationwide participated in the contest. Najib Ishaq, Waqar Ahmed, Shahzaib Zahid, Mujeeb Akhtar and Zaeem Afzal from the RCI G-8 Campus displayed a model of ‘Stirling Engine’, which is a source of renewable energy and can be used to supplement the electricity to produce energy from other resources and can help overcome power shortage in Pakistan. The exhibit, however, was overshadowed by the team’s extraordinary performance in the science contest, comprising a round of ‘Kasauty’, Model-Making and Eureka. In the ‘Kasauty’ round, scientists and inventions were to be guessed from some clues provided. For the Model-Making, a ship was to be made from drinking straws, scotch tape, a couple of pencils, two ice-cream sticks and some rubber bands. The Eureka round challenged the participants to calculate the value of a physical constant from minimal equipment. Walid Mushtaq, executive director of the RSS, commended the efforts put in by students and teachers in winning the competition at such a mammoth scale.The news.

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