Peshawar University Kashmir Issue seminar

Peshawar: 09 March: Kashmir issue has gone in the back ground for the last ten years because of the global war on terror. It is a territory held in the nuclear ring between India, Pakistan and China and unless resolved the threat of a nuclear war cannot be ruled in the region, said former Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Sardar Attiq Ahmed while addressing a one day awareness seminar on Kashmir issue and the frequent human rights violations in the occupied territory held at University of Peshawar. The theme of the seminar was, `` Kashmir Seeks Attention``, and was attended by good number of students of the greater campus. Sardar Attiq said that people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa don’t need to get awareness about the gravity of Kashmir issue because they were the people who fought for Kashmir cause in 1948 and freed some territory from Indians. He said more than eight lac Indian army is deployed in the occupied Kashmir which is the highest military concentration in the world in order to keep the people of that territory suppressed and deprived from the basic human rights. HR violations is evident from the fact that more than twenty two thousand women have been raped in the past five decades and more than six lac Kashmiri been brutally killed( martyred) in their quest for freedom struggle, he added. Replying to a question raised by a student the former prime minister said, Kashmiri wants their right on each and every inch of its territory expanded over eighty six thousand seven hundred square miles. He said we want a sincere effort from both Pakistan and India to resolve the issue amicably and let Kashmiris decide their faith accordingly, now at this point the question that whether we want to live with Pakistan or an independent country or a state might hamper our mission of self-determination. Vice Chancellor University of Peshawar Prof. Dr. Azmat Hayat Khan said, solution to Kashmir problem is imperative for peace in the region. All the countries must encourage peaceful co-existence with each other and decide their outstanding disputes so as to prosper in today`s economic world, he added. Speaker students from Kashmir described the MFN status to India by Pakistan as, replacing the bloodshed in Kashmir with that of the politics of potato and onions. They said we can never ever compete with the Indian manufacturing industry and any bilateral business is going to harm Pakistan`s industry and would lead to expanding Indian hegemony in the region.

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